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Hunger in the Times of Corona

Can you think of the last time when about 55% of the world’s population was quarantined, or, closer home, when the local trains in Mumbai were inoperational for longer than a day, or when Juhu looked like that undiscovered beach from folklore?

COVID-19 has us locked down at home. 

But some are far more unfortunate. For about 5 lakh people on the street and many more daily-wage workers out of job at the moment, Mumbai is battling hunger as much as COVID-19.

Who Needs A Meal?

Honestly, anyone who is in dire straits. 

But specifically, the most vulnerable are the migrant workers, the homeless and underprivileged residents of slums and chawls, waiting endlessly for normalcy to return.

Our Endeavour: is An initiative by Project Mumbai, Litmus Test Project and Bharat Utthan Sangh.

Thanks to some of our generous donors, we are cooking food for those who need it. And we have set up a mechanism to deliver it as well.

This is where you come in!

How Can YOU Help?

YOU are part of the crowd we are sourcing information from. Now, you can help feed the needy in a few clicks.

Simply tell us about people you know who would need a meal and we’ll do our best and the rest.

Fill in the information below and we’ll try and call you in a jiffy. 

Where is the food required?

A Few Good Men and Women

This is another way for you to contribute.

A dazzle of generous souls is with us in this endeavor. They include restaurants, flight kitchens, caterers and charitable institutions that are willing to make available 1000+ meals per day. We buy the meals from them at about 20 to 30 rupees a plate. 

(Neither the needy nor the person who refers them has to pay a rupee. The finances are taken care of entirely by our partners and donors.)

We’ve ensured the food to be hygienic and nutritious with a calorie count high enough to be sufficient for a day. Every meal will consist of daal-rice, aloo-sabzi, and rotis.

We work closely with our supply partners to help them with funding, permissions, raw materials, logistics, and coordination. If you’re an institution, donor, supply partner, the press who would like to partner with us, shoot us a mail at

Fast and Foodious

Take a ride and end this unwanted fast of the less fortunate or help with packing and food operations to fight hunger.

The Money Shot

Money is not everything but, unfortunately, without money everything is nothing. All our attempts to make a plateful of difference, would amount to zilch without the generosity of someone like you.

Goodwill Hunting

In case you don’t know anyone who needs a meal at the moment, likely, there’s someone in your social circles who does.

Share away to help get the needy a good meal and get yourself some goodwill.

If your ideas, network, talent, skills can help us amplify our reach, drop us a mail at

Is This All Working At All?

Turns out, it is. But with you by our side, it could work better.

Since launching on the 27th of March, we’ve already built a supply capacity of over 75,000+meals a day across the city. We’re increasing this capacity every day to reduce suffering in this crisis. If you think that is a good idea, just scroll up and see how you can do your bit.

It may not be a bad idea to spend a few minutes to help someone get a meal before you grab your next one.

Stay safe, stay kind.

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